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Demon Spawn
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello, random human.
I apologize for the fact that I act like a 3 year old and also for how often my art style changes ;_;

God I love you people
I would hug all of you,,, you're all just so sweet and kind <3

My smol precious sweet tragic precious angry wonderful silly crazy precious sad dear sweet smol bean Griff is my child whom I love and I will fight you if you go against that


Sorry I've been gone lately,,,
I've been unmotivated to check this and also have been doing absolutely nothing in celebration of spring break (Literally all I've done is buttloads of art and binge watch Naruto and take care of my friend's bearded dragon Morpheus <3 (I have to feed him live cockroaches omai))
So yeah, starting tomorrow I'm gonna do a mass update
Woop woop
Hahahahahha that moment when you've been so stressed out and exhausted lately that you almost start sobbing every time a Coldplay song plays because yu just love them so much and you just can't life rn hahahahahahahahah die school help me ctfyvgubhinjomkp,asolkdhugyfashvdbknsdjhsafj gnashu

Watercolor Profiles
Mah bbs <3 
Oma: Freckly demon child with glasses
Eri: Blue haired child with mole wearing hat
Cassie: Brown haired freckly child with glasses
Jedd: Flame haired chubby bean
Lylia: Orange haired demon girl

My three faves to draw: Oma, Eri, and Jedd :3

Holy crap I love this style
I might settle on this for real

Pretty Girls

Pretty girls get

All the attention and popularity in life

Just because they follow the trends

And strive for unattainable body types

And hide their flaws under layer after layer of foundation and blush.

I was always told throughout my life that material possessions

And outward appearances were of little to no value;

That to know someone not by their appearance,

But by their essence, their soul,

Was to know the person as they really were.

And yet--

I look around me and all I can see

Are blatant reminders of the fact that humanity is so shallow

That the majority can’t see past the thin layer of skin that covers us all

To the raw, untamable soul that bleeds from our pores

And gushes from our mouths like waterfalls of emotion and pain

And seeps from the cracks in the armor of makeup so desperately applied

To keep all of the flaws hidden

To hide the human underneath the false beauty.

I look at myself in the mirror and I wonder,

Is it normal to hate your skin, your eyes, your nose

Your weight, your hair, your teeth

All aspects of the physical shell which cradles our souls so sweetly?

Is your appearance really so unsatisfying that you would want to hide

The flaws which set you apart,

Flaws that make you beautiful

In a way that nobody else is, and nobody else will ever be?

Humans are so strange in the fact that we’ve forgotten

We are simply animals--intelligent, but so stupid at the same time

Because we hide our true selves to try to achieve an unattainable standard,

An unattainable perfection


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U know it
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Hey, I am :iconhimrzed: and i lost my old Gmail so i can't get back to my old account if you don't believe that's ok i just wanted to let you know.
FalafelsForTheSoul Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student General Artist
I'm sorry you lost your account! :( :( That's sad ;_;
I hope you're able to get it back someday my friend
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